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Godrej Bannerghatta Floor Plan

Master Plan

The floor plan is the detailed drawing of the project units. Each unit's detailed illustration will be present on this floor plan alongside the open area or duct details beside our homes.

Godrej Bannerghatta floor plan is yet to be shared. However, we can go through the floor plan details of this eminent builder. Below we are going to review the ideal floor plan of Godrej Properties.

Typical Floor plan 1 BHK Godrej Properties

This compact home starts with a foyer of size 2.8*3.11sqft with a large 18.2*9.11sqft extending with a balcony space of 5.3*10.2sqft. We have a pantry space of 8.2*7.2sqft to the right of the living area—a pretty massive bedroom of 11.11*9.8sqft with a washroom area of 8.2*7.8sqft.

Typical Floor plan 1.5 BHK Godrej Properties

This manageable unit comprises a foyer extended with a living and dining area of 21*14.9sqft and a kitchen measuring 9.10*10.4sqft. From the living, we have a more expansive balcony of 5feet wide. The kitchen has an extended utility deck of space 7*5.7sqft. From the living area, there is a passage to the study room of 5.11*11.4sqft and a master bedroom space of 11.8*14.9sqft. The main bedroom is also extended by 5 feet balcony. There is an attached toilet of space 5.11*9.10sqft.

Typical Floor plan 2 BHK Godrej Properties

It is a perfect configuration for a small family with a foyer of 4.10*8.3sqft followed by a living and dining space of 16.11*14.3sqft with a balcony from the living room of space 7.8*4.6sqft. There is a small passage area to the bedrooms—bedroom one measures about 11.6*14.3sqft with a terrace of 4.5*7.11sqft and an attached toilet of 7.1*5.11sqft. Bedroom 2 is of space 10.5*10.1sqft with a standard bathroom of space 4.11*5.11sqft.

A kitchen is adjacent to the foyer with 7.5*12.7sqft and a utility of 3.7*7.9sqft.

Typical Floor plan 3 BHK Godrej Properties

It is a copious 3 BHK segment with a large foyer of 4.20*7.11sqft extending with a living and dining space of 17.11*15.11sqft and a balcony 9.2*4.5sqft. Next to the living area is the kitchen with 8.1*12.3sqft and a utility space of 3.11*8sqft. There are three toilets in the unit, with 1 for everyday use, and the other two toilets are attached to the bedrooms.

Bedroom 1 is of size 11.4*11.1sqft with an attached toilet of 7.11*5.11sqft. This main bedroom also has a balcony space of 7.1*4.5sqft.

Bedroom 2 has an 11.4*11.2sqft area with attached toilet space of 4.11*8.1sqft. Bedroom 3 is of size 10.5*11.1 sqft. A standard toilet of space 4.11*8.11sqft is present in this elegant unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of floor plans available in Godrej Bannerghatta?

Godrej Bannerghatta presents 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK apartments with subsequent floor plans.

2. What is the floor raise charge?

The floor rise charge will be decided by Birla Estates soon after the Apartment gets going.

3. What are all components considered in a 2 BHK apartment?

2 BHK apartments will comprise one foyer, one main bedroom, one guest bedroom, two bathrooms, one kitchen with utility and a balcony.

4. When is the delivery date of Godrej Bannerghatta Bangalore?

The delivery date of the Godrej Bangalore apartment will commence from Dec 2025.

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